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Student performance management system


Is an SaaS(Software as Service) Platform that helps the student, teacher and parents manage the students’ academic development.


SPMS can be viewed and used in any screen, device and operating system as long as there is a web browser. It automatically adjust to the device resolution


SPMS was designed for ease of use and its rich user interface allows users to easily navigate the system to the modules they need to use or view.

UI Elements

SPMS UI Elements allow users to easily identify items that needs attention like project, homework or exams that are marked as red. Thru color indicators users can easily identify status of the items.

Good documentation

SPMS is a well document system. We provide system documentation. We also provide User Guide on how to use the system. Also CDSI conducts Trainings.

24/7 support

SPMS is supported by the top IT Professionals 24/7. We make sure that the system is always accessible anytime and anywhere. Any concerns is just a phone call or email away.

Free Updates

Since SPMS is SaaS(Software as Service) Platform. All updates and new features developed is 100% FREE. All updates are cascaded to all users immediately.

Monitor Student Progress at Your Fingertips

Parent’s Dashboard

The System Allows Parents to View All their children in a single dashboard which allows them to monitor each child progress in just one account.

Student’s Dashboard

Students can now check all projects, homeworks and exams assigned to them by their respective subject teachers thus empowering student to take control of their performance at school.

Student Modules

The system allows students to submit any project, homework or exam that his/her subject teacher assigned to him/her. This is done via uploading any document or image into the system. Thru these submissions the teacher can view and grade the submitted item.

Teacher’s Dashboard

Teachers can easily monitor student progress by showing them a summary of items like Projects, Homework and Exams which the student has completed or failed to submit or pass. Thus allowing early detection of items that needs attention.

Teacher’s Teaching Modules

The System allows teachers to create and assign projects, homeworks and exams to students. They also can upload learning materials for the students. This module allows Teachers to view and grade projects, homeworks and exams submitted by the student.

Chat Module

Parents, Students and Teachers can easily communicate via chat to address items marked in Red inside the system whether it is an exam, project or homework. This allow early intervention on items that a student might have missed.

Empowering Schools Thru Technology

Completed Digital Solutions Inc. knows that the ultimate goal of any educational institution is to provide a platform where the students can excel and reach their full potential. Such platform should enable teachers and parents monitor the students’ progress and allowing them to interact with each other to help the students achieve those goals. Academic achievement is important for the successful development of young people in the society.

Student Performance Management System is an SaaS(Software as Service) that helps the student, teacher and parents manage the students’ academic development. The system provides both parents and teachers a straightforward approach in monitoring the student’s school activity and progress thus allowing early detection of any problems a student is having in his/her performance in school.

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